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We’re bringing you high quality stories in fantasy and science fiction.

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Whistling Book Press started in 2010 with Frankie Blooding. She had a book and a dream, and nothing was going to stop her.

She’s now running a full publishing company, striving to bring you the best in fantasy and science fiction, and everything else in between.

Latest News

We are currently working with Paul Garrety on his book and with Maggie Best and the first of her three books.

Whiskey Witches Season 3 is also currently in the works.


“Lots of Witchy Action”

Tracy M725

"This story grabbed me right from the start!"

Dawn M. Line



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Our Staff

We work hard to ensure that we have the brightest and best the indie author community can offer.

Through our partnership with Real Indie Author, we are able to do that. Our team of contract editors, cover artists, and marketing specialists ensure that overhead isn’t an issue. This way, we’re able to treat each book the way it should be.

Our Authors Make the Difference

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S.M. Blooding

Alivia Patton

K.S. King

Paul Garrety

Maggie Best

P.K. Tyler


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