Whiskey Shifting Books 


We’ve got two different spin-offs to the original Whiskey Witches. But don’t fear! It’s a fun new way to read about other amazing characters in this universe. You can read each one in this order, or pick and choose. Don’t worry about getting lost! Each one adds flavor, but you’re not forced to read anything you don’t want to!We wrote these to have fun, so as you read them, you should too!

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Put a shapeshifting demon hunter in charge of policing paranormals.

That's a great idea.

When Dexx Colt followed Paige Whiskey to Oregon and then helped her set up the Red Star Division, he had no idea she'd abandon him--to other responsibilities, mind you--and leave him in charge. He's a demon hunter. He breaks rules. He doesn't enforce them.

But when bodies start appearing and all the evidence points to his team, he has a decision to make.

Step up and protect the team he never asked for, or cut and run.

He's been called many things. A coward was never one of them. When he discovers that angels and djinn are working together, he gathers the few team members who aren't in jail; his 1970 Dodge Challenger, Jackie, and Hattie, his spirit animal. He's taking the fight to the djinn's front door. One way or another, this killer is going down. After all, hunting demons is what Dexx does best.

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Part of the Whiskey Witches Universe


The gift of the padfoot cost Ripley Kent everything.

As a girl, she was chosen by the death dog. In one week, she lost everything. Her parents, her brother. Even her community of shifters shunned the power she sheltered.

She swore she’d never return to their prejudiced hatred, but when her uncle dies, Ripley is called back to Troutdale to settle his affairs. She thinks she can get in and get out unaffected, but Joe Elliott has other ideas.

He needs her, and it’s not in all the old ways her body remembers so well.

His twin brother has been bitten by a rabid wolf, and as the death glow overwhelms the town, Ripley’s padfoot gift explodes into the curse she’s always feared.

Ripley owes these people nothing after the way they’ve treated her. But that’s the thing with gifts. Sometimes they cost more to ignore. Love is only one save-of-the-day away.

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The book occurs at the same time as Big Bad Djinn.

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The Whiskeys are growing in power, and they have no idea why.

Paige Whiskey is now the unofficial liaison between the Elder Council and the paranormal community, and she’s been put on a mission for months now to bring more paranormals in. Trouble is brewing on the horizon. Everyone can feel it, but no one has a clue what it might be.

When the regional alpha gets a call from the Utah pack, requesting a trial with Paige, she’s not quite certain what to expect. The only thing she knows for sure is that her family is growing in shifter power and the region needs to more shifters to help counter and control it.

But what she learns in Utah brings the kind of understanding she doesn’t quite know what to do with. The ancients are coming, and they’re using her family to arrive.

“It’s a must-read on the new direction of Paige Whiskey’s life!”


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How powerful is powerful enough?

Detective Dexx Colt is going to be a father. Again. He's already unofficially adopted Leah and Bobby, but now he has a bun in the oven. Twins.

How bad can it be, really? He's a powerful shifter. She's a powerful witch. They're gonna have two powerful babies that might...blow up the town in a tantrum? What could go wrong? It's unfamiliar ground, and that's for certain.

So, when Oliver Eastwood's bank is robbed, he's thrilled. First, it couldn't have happened to a better fellow, and second, he can focus on blowing stuff up again. But when that robbery is followed by a strange theft, and the death of one Chuck's alphas, he begins to suspect he'd better off at the OBGYN with his mate.

He's about to experience what his twins might be capable of. And it's terrifying.

If you love Jim Butcher, Shayne Silvers, and Orlando A. Sanchez, you're sure to find this series entertaining!


A divided bear clan is a powerless one.

Emma Elliot has a choice: step up as the alpha her clan needs or claim her own freedom by loving Mason Covey.

The adorable, free-spirited, porcupine shifter charms his way into her heart by being exactly what she needs in her life.

However, with a rival bear clan poised to take control of Elliot Clan’s resources, now is not the time to appear weak. Emma’s mother—the current alpha—wants her to follow tradition and produce bear cubs to “secure her place” as the new alpha. But what about Emma’s wishes?

What Emma wants and what her clan requires of her might be two different things. How much is she willing to sacrifice to become the leader her people need to win the coming war?

Can be read as a stand-alone. You do not need to read any of the other books in the Whiskey Witches Universe to be able to follow along. Just read it and enjoy.

This book occurs during Lizard Wizard.

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The Whiskeys are growing in power, and the arrival of the ancients aren’t helping anything. 

Paige is now eight months pregnant with two ancients, and has just returned from a stint in Heaven that has the Whiskey clan shell-shocked. The world is reacting to Paige’s unborn children and the only thing they can do is ensure they show the world there’s nothing to be frightened of. 

But Leslie has lost control of the ancient being inside her, the griffin. And when DoDO, the Department of Delicate Operations, shows up guns blazing to put Leslie out of the world’s misery, Paige steps up in a way no on sees coming. 
DoDO represents a threat the Whiskeys have never faced before; a government agency hell bent on keeping the paranormal population down. At all costs. It’s going to take everything Paige has to learn to control the rising power building inside her, help her sister find balance with her ancient, and to save her unborn children. 

If you enjoy fast action, strong characters, a tight family unit, and a plot that's hard to guess, this series is for you. Jim Butcher and Kim Harrison fans love it!

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