The Staff


Frankie Blooding


Frankie started Whistling Book Press to help other authors. Its been a passion of hers since she took over The Novel Workshop on in 2002. Since then, she's been learning the industry and assisting other authors in any way she can while working a full-time-job, juggling family, and crocheting.

Don't be fooled, though. Frankie pushes hard. She'll have the tough conversations with you about your novel and she won't pull any punches. She's not the nice one.

She also started Real Indie Author, where most of our contractual work comes from.

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Del Davis


USA Today Bestselling Author, Deliaria Davis, grew up in the cold winters and mild summers of Anchorage, Alaska, where her heart remains to this day. She met her husband there and would return in a heartbeat.

She has five amazing kids, and when she isn't writing she is homeschooling her autistic son, or helping her youngest son with therapy for his disabilities. Currently, Del resides in Spokane, WA where she is hoping to someday be able to afford a house big enough for each of her kids to have their own door to slam.

Until then, she continues to write whatever pops into her head, edit in her spare time and loves to interact with her fans.



Tesla is a Siamese terror with claws and teeth. It looks like she’s reading in this photo, but she was actually planning her attack on Alivia Patton.

Frankie saved her when she was nine weeks old. After surviving, though, she quickly took ownership of Frankie, Shane, SlothChild, and Do-It! She is an attack cat, so if you visit, take care to read the warning signs posted. They’re for your safety.

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Real Indie Author


Real Indie Author does most of our cover art, but we have an entire community of artists to work with who are amazing and fantastic to work With.


Cover Studio


Cover Studio/ Killer Book Cover has a wide range of gorgeous book covers that are ready to dazzle and sell books! We book him whenever he can! He's very good, very fast and well-worth the money we invest.