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Sven Seven-Tails 

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The fight is about to get deadly. 

As Dexx and Paige settle in to finally see their unborn babes--twins, if you can believe it--Sven Seven-Tails, the most powerful demon they've ever faced, shows up.  

He's back and more powerful than ever before. The last time Dexx and Paige fought him, they'd lost and barely left with their lives. Now? 

Well, they're not alone this time. They've got the backing of Dexx's pack and the entire Whiskey witch clan, so they should have a fighting chance. 


They'd damned well better. 

“The Whiskey witches and their extended shifter family are the most interesting and fun family-oriented group of people I have learned to enjoy reading about their exploits and adventures in a long while. The book was a real page turner, so much so that I read it in one sitting.”



Whiskey Shifting Books



Put a shapeshifting demon hunter in charge of policing paranormals.

That's a great idea.

When Dexx Colt followed Paige Whiskey to Oregon and then helped her set up the Red Star Division, he had no idea she'd abandon him--to other responsibilities, mind you--and leave him in charge. He's a demon hunter. He breaks rules. He doesn't enforce them.

But when bodies start appearing and all the evidence points to his team, he has a decision to make.

Step up and protect the team he never asked for, or cut and run.

He's been called many things. A coward was never one of them. When he discovers that angels and djinn are working together, he gathers the few team members who aren't in jail; his 1970 Dodge Challenger, Jackie, and Hattie, his spirit animal. He's taking the fight to the djinn's front door. One way or another, this killer is going down. After all, hunting demons is what Dexx does best.

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Part of the Whiskey Witches Universe.

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How powerful is powerful enough?

Detective Dexx Colt is going to be a father. Again. He's already unofficially adopted Leah and Bobby, but now he has a bun in the oven. Twins.

How bad can it be, really? He's a powerful shifter. She's a powerful witch. They're gonna have two powerful babies that might...blow up the town in a tantrum? What could go wrong? It's unfamiliar ground, and that's for certain.

So, when Oliver Eastwood's bank is robbed, he's thrilled. First, it couldn't have happened to a better fellow, and second, he can focus on blowing stuff up again. But when that robbery is followed by a strange theft, and the death of one Chuck's alphas, he begins to suspect he'd better off at the OBGYN with his mate.

He's about to experience what his twins might be capable of. And it's terrifying.

If you love Jim Butcher, Shayne Silvers, and Orlando A. Sanchez, you're sure to find this series entertaining!


Black System Legends


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We’re going to be getting our sci-fi series going in 2019.