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Klara is a strong-willed young woman who just graduated high school. She was born premature and her body has been steadily trying to kill her ever since. But she's won.

Until now.

Brain cancer. Inoperable. Unstoppable. Unfightable.

She wakes up and finds herself being attacked by a fairy. The real kind. She's surrounded by people who don't follow the basic rules she knows. Gravity isn't a force that works here. They eat colors instead of real food. And you travel by Who and Place.

She's in the land of dreams, the place where good little boys and girls are taken when they sleep. She's supposed to transcend and become a dustman, carting those kids back and forth and ensuring that hope remains alive in the hearts of humans.

She has no idea why she's even there until she discovers that Dreamland is dying. She, the girl who had to fight every day just to remain alive, is needed. Dreamlanders, the people made of dream dust, know how to serve, not fight. Klara isn't a dustman of dreamers.

She the Dreamlanders' only hope.