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Mine the Darkness –Paul Garrety

Alex Knight Books 1 –3–Maggie Best

Hush Little Shifter –S.M. Blooding

Dexx In a DoDO House –F.J. Wolfram

Some Karma Don’t Wash–S.M. Blooding

Pocket of Posies–S.M. Blooding

Creepy Little Bugger – F.J. Wolfram

Sunshine Up Your - S.M. Blooding

King Me –F.J. Wolfram

Making Idiots Fade Away–S.M. Blooding

Ashes, Ashes –S.M. Blooding

Kingdom of Dreams–JoJo Wynkx

Kingdom of Wonder –JoJo Wynkx

Kingdom of Storm –JoJo Wynkx

Ghosts of Kalamatra– K.S. King

Red Sky – S.M. Blooding

Dark Run – S.M. Blooding & K.S. King